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Rapid Software Corporation

"Moving, acting, or occurring with great speed."

Two Rapid Tools to Build or Integrate
Systems in Under 3 Hours each
plus Rapid Web Templates
Rapid Independence

Rapid Development System Develops and Deploys Most Applications in Under 3 Hours

Rapid Software Corporation's Independence (IDP) was built to deploy quickly and enable the entire organization to immediately respond to your real-time information. IDP provides flexible and secure data management solutions that enable the rapid creation of web based applications across the enterprise. Generally, custom applications can be created faster than the time it would take to do the web research into purchasing a specific application package. Most applications can be build and deployed in under 3 hours.

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Rapid Enterprise Integration

Rapid Integration System Integrates and Deploys Most Integrations in Under 3 Hours

Rapid Software Corporation's Enterprise (ENT) was built to integrate quickly and enable existing applications to have access to data from other systems throughout the organization. Rapid Enterprise is a program that enables your data to flow between different types of databases and other sources of data, whenever you want, and wherever they may be located. From simple data transfer needs, to detailed data manipulation, Rapid Enterprise provides the tools to integrate and deploy most systems in under 3 hours.

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Rapid's Chubui Advertising

Low Cost Local Search Advertising for as low as $35/month

Chubui provides local search friendly advertising for our websites clients. We create a local search friendly advertising page which will help direct local search results to you website. The setup fee is $199 and the listing is $35 per month. You can cancel anytime. Texas residents add sales tax of 8.25 percent. Start driving local search traffic to your website by signing up today.

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Rapid Web Templates

Rapid Web Templates Save Many Hours of Development

Rapid Software Corporation's Web Templates are designed to save our customers many hours of time creating a high quality website. You can do the modifications of these inexpensive templates yourself or contract with us to do all the hard parts. We can even integrate your site with Independence and Enterprise.

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