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Rapid Software Offers Web Conferencing, Video Email
for Small Business

Web conferencing and video email just got affordable for small
businesses and entrepreneurs everywhere, thanks to Texas-based
Rapid Software Corporation. Rapid Software has joined forces with WowWe to provide video email, as well as full-service video conferencing for less than $20 per month.

Grapevine, TX, OnlinePRNews – May 3, 2011 – Web conferencing rapidly is becoming a must-have for big companies working hard to cut travel costs while still providing personal service. Small businesses can enjoy the same benefits and efficiencies, but they often find video pricing out of reach.

Rapid Software Corporation now offers web conferencing from WowWe for less than $20 per month. The powerful WowWe service and low price makes it possible for nearly any business to upgrade its marketing, sales and customer service processes with the business-building power of video.

Unlimited video email service is included at no additional cost as part of the package, and is available as a stand-alone service, also at no charge.

Lee Fox, CEO of Rapid Software, said "WowWe offers a feature-rich service at less than half the price of leading video conferencing competitors, such as WebEx and Go To Meeting."

"This is a world class enterprise delivery platform for web conferencing, combined with a very disruptive pricing model,” Fox said. “We use it in our own business, and our sales team loves it. WowWe’s simplicity, flexibility, speed, visual clarity and high reliability make it the best way for a small business to start using video conferencing right now.”

WowWe web conferencing offers a number of powerful features, including:
• Up to 50 participants
• Feeds from as many as 10 webcams
• Browser-based, no software to install
• Screen sharing
• Conference participants also can be presenters
• HD-quality video

WowWe video email features include:
• Unlimited free video emails
• Customizable templates for a professional look
• Certified email service provider

Fox said business owners are limited only by their own imaginations when it comes to ways to use the WowWe services. Possibilities include press conferences, sales presentations, remote training, product demonstrations, collaborative design and many more.

A recent industry study said 75% of business enterprises will be using video conferencing by 2013. Firms that don’t will be at a competitive disadvantage. Fox says that while using web conferencing to save money on travel costs provides a measurable return on investment, that may not be the most important bottom line contribution.

“There are some compelling benefits gained by using video conferencing for virtual collaboration among employees, and from ‘face-to-face’ communication with clients and business partners,” Fox said. “It may be harder to measure those gains, but they are far more substantial than savings on travel costs.”

About WowWe

WowWe has been working with some of the world's most successful companies since 2007, helping them develop, integrate and use video email and web conferencing as an essential component of their marketing strategies.
WowWe is a leading developer of both Web & smart phone applications, working with companies of all sizes to grow their market share with easy-to-use and powerful communication assets, including application services, software and infrastructure.

About Rapid Software

Rapid Software Corporation sells and supports Independence™ and Enterprise tools that facilitate fast application development and integration for companies in industries that include commercial airlines, high-tech, human resources, ecommerce and many others. Rapid Software also helps small businesses do more business with a wide range of technology products. For more information please visit or call (817) 251-0615.

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